You’ve got questions? We have the answers!

How do I book a workspace?

First, download the app. Then, choose an area, check out the available spaces and click to book one. Follow our directions to the location, and when you arrive, scan the QR code at the reception. It’s that simple.

How many locations can I visit in a day?

Your workbuddy membership is a day pass which allows you to visit one location per day.

What counts as a visit?

When you book a visit for the day and scan the QR code upon check-in – that’s one visit.

If I do not show up to my booking without cancelling, will a visit still be deducted from my account?

For workbuddy LITE members, a day pass will be deducted upon a no-show. For workbuddy UNLIMITED members, it will be counted as a day pass visit.

Can I use my workbuddy membership to work from the same location the entire month?

Visits to each location are limited to 12 per month for UNLIMITED members and 5 per month for LITE members.

Why is there a limit of 12 visits per location per month for UNLIMITED Plan Members?

Our vision is for members to enjoy flexible working wherever they are and experience different co-working spaces and communities around Singapore.  If you would like a permanent membership with one of our partner workspaces, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help you out.

What are the operating hours for each location?

Please refer to each location`s description page for more information including operating hours, contact details and address explore our spaces.

Is there a minimum term I have to purchase?

Good news! There is no minimum term for a workbuddy membership, as it’s a monthly rolling billing cycle. If you choose to cancel your membership, simply click the Terminate Membership button on your profile page in the workbuddy app. You can terminate your membership with a one-month notice period at any time.

Can I share my workbuddy membership?

No. Each membership is tagged to only one person. We do offer bundle options and customised solutions for companies who’d like to give access to their entire staff. To find out more, please contact us at

Do I receive any reward for referring a friend?

Yes! We are all about community. For every new sign-up with your referral code, you can enjoy 20% off the next month’s subscription fee!

What is marketbuddy?

Marketbuddy is our online marketplace where fellow workbuddies can share their products and services with other members and find opportunities to collaborate. It’s also where we organise fun member events and networking opportunities.

I would like to partner with workbuddy for my co-working locations. How can I do that?

It’s easy! Contact us at or visit

How do I sign up?

You can sign up on the workbuddy website (insert link here) or on the workbuddy app. Join now and your first week if free!

Workbuddy website sign-up:
1. Visit (insert sign up page link)
2. Enter your details
3. Fill in the registration form with your details. Enter your phone number, email address and create a PIN that you will remember
4. Scan the QR code with your smartphone to download the workbuddy app.
5. You can now choose and book a workspace!

Workbuddy app sign-up:
1. Download the workbuddy app on your smartphone (insert buttons here for google play and ios)
2. Open the workbuddy app and click ‘Sign Up’
4. Fill out the registration form with your details. Enter your phone number, email address and create a PIN that you will remember
5. You can now choose and book a workspace!

How do I reset or change my PIN?

When you set up your workbuddy account, you created a 6-digit PIN.

If you have forgotten your 6-digit PIN:
1. Go to the workbuddy app login page
2. Select ‘Forgot PIN’
3. Enter the email address you used to sign up
4. We will send you an email with a link to reset your PIN

To change your 6-digit PIN:
1. Go to the workbuddy app
2. Select ‘Profile’
3. Select ‘View & Edit Profile’
4. Select ‘Change PIN’

How do I apply promo codes?

First, choose the workbuddy membership plan suits you. Then, simply sign up on the workbuddy website or app and enter your promocode on the registration form.

Do I get charged if I`m on a free trial?

You won`t be charged until after the expiry of the free trial period.  If you decide during your free trial that workbuddy isn’t right for you, just cancel any time before the 7 days are up via your account settings in the workbuddy app. Our door is always open if you’d like to reactivate your membership at a later stage.

How do I cancel my membership plan and when will billing stop?

You can change or cancel your monthly membership at any time via the workbuddy app. Simply select Profile > Membership > Terminate. 
Please note that there is a one-month notice period for any cancellation. For example - if you terminate your paid subscription on 20th October, your plan expiry will be 19th November.

What is my billing cycle?

Your first payment will be charged for your selected membership plan, the day after your free trial ends. Your workbuddy membership is a monthly recurring plan and will auto-renew on the same day every month.

I have issues with my billing, who should I contact?

Please kindly send us your details including name, registered phone number and email address to and we will be happy to help.

How do I book a workspace?

On the home screen of the workbuddy app, go to ‘Find Nearest’ or ‘Map View’, select your preferred location and date, then simply book in your visit!

How do I check in?

On the day of your booking, find your booking under ‘Manage Booking’ in the workbuddy app and simply scan the QR code at the reception desk to check in. The front desk staff will be happy to show you around the workspace and other facilities. They’ll provide you with the Wi-Fi password too.

How to I add a guest or book a meeting room?

Select ‘Manage Booking’ in the workbuddy app and choose the relevant ‘add-on-service’.

  • To Bring a Guest, enter your 6-digit workbuddy PIN and the name of your guest – the daily rate is S$ 20/ guest.
  • To book a meeting room, kindly check the availability with the front desk staff when you check in. Once the details are confirmed, select Meeting Room as the ‘add-on-service’. Then simply key in the total amount quoted by the provider and pay via the workbuddy app.

  • For any other ad-hoc services, simply approach the front desk to check the total price and pay via ‘add-on-service’ in the workbuddy app. *Please note that meeting room bookings are not confirmed until the workspace reception confirms the total price and availability.
    *To book a meeting room in advance, please contact us.